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TU responds after review of bowl game altercation

The University of Tulsa and the American Athletic Conference released statements after completing a review of the altercation that took place at the end of Tulsa's Armed Forces bowl game against Mississippi State on Dec. 31.

TU announced that 13 players will receive "appropriate and varying disciplinary action administered jointly by TU and the conference, including letters of reprimand, community service requirements and game suspensions, depending on the severity of individual actions."

The statement added that some of the student-athletes may also go through TU’s student conduct process.

The University did not identify the 13 players due to federal privacy law.

“We were extremely disappointed by the actions that followed the game,” said Interim Director of Athletics Rick Dickson. “The university expects all athletic teams to set an example for excellence in sportsmanship and exhibit Tulsa’s values, including integrity and respect. The behaviors witnessed after the bowl game do not reflect the TU values we seek to instill in future leaders. As an educational institution, we will take the opportunity to help all our student athletes, not just those being sanctioned, learn from this teachable moment and ensure it won’t happen again.”

“I want to thank our Athletic Department staff and The American, who together worked diligently to take action on this matter,” said TU Interim President Janet K. Levit. “The communication between our university and the conference has been exemplary and is marked by shared values, shared concerns and the shared goal of preparing students to become ethical leaders.”

The AAC announced that it has accepted Tulsa’s recommended disciplinary actions that were submitted to the conference office.

“While we remain disappointed that the actions of a few individuals overshadowed a competitive and entertaining bowl game, I would like to commend The University of Tulsa for its thorough and decisive action,” said AAC Commissioner Mike Aresco. “We expect the highest degree of conduct and sportsmanship from our student-athletes and will continue to hold those who do not meet that standard accountable.”