Tulsa first to offer Louisiana star

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Although offers are starting to pour in for Dan Kreamer, a 6-foot-1 and 198-pound safety from Shreveport (LA) Evangel Christian High School, the University of Tulsa is listed as the first to extend a scholarship, according to Kreamer's father. Since that offer, Kreamer has picked up another from a Big Ten school and is on the verge of receiving offers from schools in the SEC and Big 12.
"Tulsa was the first school to extend an offer," said David Kreamer. "Today, he also received an offer from Northwestern University. Dan is being recruited by just about every school in the country, especially schools from the SEC and a number from the Big 12."
"He has a long list of schools, including LSU, Alabama, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Arkansas, Duke, OSU, Michigan, USC, UCLA and many others. But Tulsa is in the mix for a couple of reasons. One, he likes the Tulsa program and the fact that they play so many defensive backs. Secondly, a teammate of his last year, Zach Schreiber, who signed with Alabama, had narrowed his final list to Alabama and Tulsa, and he thinks highly of Tulsa."
"Zack and Dan are best friends, and Zack has been telling him what a great place Tulsa is, and he really considered signing with them last season. They work out together, and I know Dan will try to make a couple of games at Tulsa this season to watch them play."
However, the younger Kreamer is going to have a number of schools to choose from, as he is close to receiving other offers.
"I believe Texas Tech, OSU, LSU and Ole Miss are all about ready to offer Dan," added Mr. Kreamer. "LSU has been trying to get him to come to one of their camps, but he hasn't been able to make one yet. But he will in the future."
"He attended a camp at TCU last weekend, held in Longview, Texas. They ran the forty yard dash on some high turf, and Dan turned in a 4.65 second time. But last year at a North Texas camp, he ran a 4.53-second forty."
Kreamer plays on one of the top teams in the south and annually plays a national schedule against top-notch competition. He will again have an opportunity to showcase his talents in the season opener this fall.
"Evangel opens the season against Springdale, Arkansas at Independence Stadium here in Shreveport in what we call the 'Border Bowl'. We played them last year, and the game was one of three nationally televised games for us. It should be another great game with all of the talent Springdale has this year. I don't know which network will pick it up, but it should be nationally televised."
"Dan has also been invited to play in the National All-Star game put on by Max Emfinger. He will also be busy working out at the high school and attending 7-on-7 tournaments."
"Evangel football is year round. Dan is lifting weights every Monday and Wednesday at the school. Then on Tuesday and Thursday, he practices with his school's 7-on-7 team. They will be playing in 7-on-7 tournaments most weekends and will participate in the elite tournament in Hoover, Alabama this summer. It's like the 'Hollywood' of 7-on-7 tournaments, with most of the top teams and players in the nation attending."
Kreamer had an outstanding junior season, after suffering a knee injury his sophomore year, which kept him out for most of the season.
"Last year, Dan had 136 tackles, three sacks and five interceptions," explained Mr. Kreamer. "He was in on more tackles, but the way they keep the statistics, they only give credit to two tacklers."
Kreamer is also an outstanding baseball player, but most likely will end up playing only football in college. Mr. Kreamer talked about his son's play last year and a recent honor he won at a baseball camp in Houston.
"He was an all-district performer in baseball last season as an outfielder. He also pitches and had to play some at second base due a shortage there. He's known for his defense as an outfielder, but he recently shined as a hitter at a 'Team One' baseball camp in Houston. He was honored as one of the top hitters at the camp."
Kreamer started playing football as a quarterback. His father gave us some insight as to how his son ended up playing on the defensive side of the ball.
"It's kind of funny, but Dan started as a freshman at quarterback and threw an interception in one of his first games. He turned around and chased the ball, and when he caught up with the player, he laid him out. His coach told him that he was going to be a defensive back, and that's where he's been ever since."
"Dan's a great athlete. He returns kick-offs and punts. He's really good at reading offenses and can put a hit on you. He also reacts well to each play. He thinks that he has as much right to the football as does the receiver and will battle to get it."
"Dan loves the game of football," he continued. "He's a leader on the field, and with his 'happy-go-lucky' personality, his teammates are drawn to him. He's going to be successful in college with his abilities and love for the game.
With all the attention Kreamer is drawing from so many big-time programs, what will separate one school from the rest?
"Dan's really open at this point," concluded Mr. Kreamer. "He has a lot of big schools looking at him and big names are nice, but he has a couple of things that he is considering as he narrows his list of schools."
"First, he wants to take a look at each program and how they use their defensive backs. I know he likes Tulsa because they use the five-back defense and with the rotations, he feels he could get plenty of playing time. Some of the bigger schools that use four defensive backs stockpile them, so playing time will definitely be a consideration."
"Secondly, getting a quality education is important as well. He most likely will major in sports medicine or maybe even become a coach. So he will look at each school to see what they have to offer in these areas of study."
"Lastly, I know he will want to choose a school where he feels comfortable with the coaches and players. It will be a combination of those things. I know he wants to take a number of visits, and if he finds the right school, he could go ahead and commit. If not, then he will wait until after the season is over."
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